User management and pairing for Git

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Gitsu can be installed as a Ruby Gem

$ gem install gitsu

Getting Started

Gitsu is intended to be used from the command line, through Git. Note that all command line switches also have short versions.

Without any configuration, you can use it to switch the configured Git user:

$ git su "John Galt <>"
Switched local user to John Galt <>

To make it easier to switch users, tell Gitsu about some users.

$ git su --add "John Galt <>"
User 'John Galt <>' added to users
$ git su --add "Raphe Rackstraw <>"
User 'Raphe Rackstraw <>' added to users

$ git su jg
Switched to user John Galt <>
$ git su raphe
Switched to user Raphe Rackstraw <>

You can also switch to multiple users, for pairing:

$ git su jg rr
Switched to user 'John Galt and Raphe Rackstraw <>'

Now check out the usage examples.